What we cover

Warranty Service

The warranty service on our Hybrid Battery Packs is offered from the date of purchase until the expiration of the warranty term. The buyer is responsible for contacting Hybrid Only in order to assist them in choosing the warranty period that will be most adequate for their vehicle. Please contact us for proper handling and installation tips. Warranty covers the hybrid battery pack ONLY. Please conduct proper vehicle testing prior to contacting us for replacement of hybrid battery pack

Core exchange is required in order for the warranty to take effect. Please have error codes ready when contacting us to confirm hybrid battery failure with one of our qualified technicians. Buyer is responsible for shipping charges of replacement hybrid battery pack and core. Please contact Hybrid Only to obtain a quote on shipping with one of our carriers..

Warranty becomes void

  • If buyer is responsible for causing any damage to the hybrid battery during handling and installation.
  • If core is not returned to a Hybrid Only facility within 14 days from the date the battery is received by the buyer.
  • If the buyer tampers with the hybrid battery pack.
  • If improper installation occurs.
  • If buyer does not notify Hybrid Only and Shipping Carrier of damage caused to battery pack during the shipping process.
  • If the hybrid battery is installed into a different vehicle, other than the one specified during the initial purchase.
  • If the buyer misplaces their original receipt with the date of purchase and warranty term.
  • If the buyer does not notify Hybrid Only of vehicle being sold to another owner during the warranty term.
  • Warranty service can only be transferred to another owner once during the allotted warranty term. Hybrid Only must issue a warranty transfer to the new owner with their name and warranty expiration date.
  • If the hybrid battery is not installed within 30 days of purchase.
  • If the vehicle is involved in fire or flood damage.

Warranty Claims

Product Warranties The Warranty Disclosure sets forth a complete and accurate statement [including all terms and conditions] of all written warranties, warranty policies, service, and maintenance agreements of Hybrid Only to any of its services or products. No products previously sold or delivered nor any services performed by Hybrid Only are subject to any guarantee, warranty or other indemnity, other than those sold, delivered, or performed in accordance with the Company's standard terms and conditions of sale or delivery