Frequently Asked Questions

We hope to answer some of your questions here below:

A refurbished/remanufactured battery comes with replaced cells, balanced and load tested.

Whenever you order and receive a hybrid battery from us, you are required to ship your core back to us complete, packaged and secured in the same condition as received in the wooden crate.

A core deposit is a temporary charge of $450.00 that we will hold on your account until we receive your old core back at our facility location..

Yes, we must receive the core back at our facility within 30 days, beginning on the day you purchase a hybrid battery from us, in order to ensure a full core deposit charge refund.

Installation is included free of charge if you live within a designated area to one of our locations. Please contact us at 614-434-6812 when purchasing to see if we offer free installation in your area.

Yes, we offer many different warranty options depending on the year, make and model of your hybrid vehicle. To view our warranty options please click on the make and model of your vehicle, prices vary.

No, you do not pay a core charge deposit if we offer installation in your area. Please call us at 614-434-6812 when making a purchase to find out if installation is available and have your address and zip code ready.

Yes, we can ship the batteries to any location in the US, as long as the correct shipping address is specified at the time of purchase. Please make sure to provide the correct contact information including name and phone number when calling.

No, we strongly believe our prices can’t be beat.

Our hybrid batteries include FREE shipping one way to our customers. A $150.00 prepaid shipping charge is added during the time of purchase for the core return.

Our warranties cover the hybrid battery pack. If your hybrid battery fails within the warranty time frame, we offer a new hybrid battery pack to you free of charge, core exchange is required. Customer is responsible only for shipping charges of battery and core. Delivery and labor are not included in mobile installation of warranty replacement battery pack. Please see our warranty page

No, but we can come and install your hybrid battery if you live within 7 hours radius from Columbus OH, 3 hour radius from Charlotte NC, and 3 hours of Sacramento CA. Please contact us at 614-434-6812 to obtain additional information regarding our mobile installation services.

Most definitely! Not only do we offer extended warranties on our batteries, some of our batteries have been remanufactured with new generation cells. All of our batteries have been balanced and load tested to ensure your vehicle runs problem free.

There are several ways to identify hybrid battery failure in your vehicle: loss of power, multiple service lights will come up on the dashboard at one time, hybrid cooling fan propelling loudly from the backseat area or connecting your vehicle to a OBDII scanner (this can be done at most auto parts stores free of charge) and getting a P0A80 error code.

We can be reached at 614-434-6812, Monday-Friday, 9am – 6pm.

Yes, your warranty may become void in the case of improper installation and/or handling. Please see our warrantypage for our terms and conditions.

After receiving and installing your new hybrid battery, please place and secure your core back in the wooden crate in the same way as your battery was received. Please make sure you place your core within the proper outline in the box. After securing the battery with the metal bolts, screw on the lid and place the return shipping label on top. The battery is ready to be shipped!